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Gala Concert

It would be fair to say Loveny Male Voice Choir’s annual Gala concert lived up to the choir’s expectations and more. So on Saturday 24th October in the beautiful Parish of St Neot they and their guest choir this year was the talented Millpool Chorale performed to an enthusiastic audience.

The MC for the evening was John Ead and as usual did a fantastic job compering the concert to the appreciation of the audience and choirs alike.

The concert began with the audience and choirs singing the National Anthem. John then announced that this year’s concert was dedicated to Gilbert Roose, Gil was a founder member of Loveny and two people very closely linked to Loveny Lorna Hamilton and Malcom Bourne sadly no longer with us.

Loveny’s MD Richard Braebrook produced a varied and entertaining programme of music, assisted on the keyboard by Liz Sidebotham who kindly stepped in to help out as Sarah Scott Loveny’s usual pianist was unable to attend due to family illness. Loveny very much appreciate Liz for playing for them at short notice. Loveny started their selection by singing the uplifting With a Voice of Singing by Martin Shaw. Some new pieces to their repertoire like Home from the Sea with Mike Spong shouting out at the appropriate moment ‘All Survivors On-board’ complete with yellow southwester hat, in a fine gravelly Cornish accent. They sang the traditional Lily of the Valley Stuart Reeves sang the solo part. To test their mettle only very recently introduced to the choir they sang The Creation by Willy Richter a very demanding piece for any choir. One they have been doing for a while With Cat like Tread by Gilbert and Sullivan the soloist was Mark Whitwood. Popular with audiences Steal Away this time the soloist was Loveny’s principal tenor Colin Arthur. Loveny went on to sing Bring Him Home, Alexander’s Ragtime Band and Tibyay Payom finishing with the great Welsh hymn Gwahoddiad.

Millpool Chorale sang popular songs from the past, under the direction of their MD Jenny Simmons and accompanied on the keyboard by their pianist Rosemary Heard they sang in the first half Say a little Prayer for me written in 1967 by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and sung by singers such as Aretha Franklin, Shine on Me arranged by Rollo Dilworth and Is this the way to Amarillo written by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield first released in 1971 and famously sung by Tony Christie. In the second half of the concert they started by singing Dream a Little Dream this arrangement was by Alexander L’ Estrange the song was originally written in1931 by Wilbur Schwandi and Fabian Andre and was memorably a hit by the Mama and Papas in 1968, Da Doo Ron Ron another hit in 1963 by The Crystals the audience must have liked joining in with the hand jive and singing it again as an encore, their final song was the wonderful You raised me Up made famous by the Irish boy band in2002 Westlife.

The concert finished with both choirs and invited members of the audience singing another great Morte Christe.From the applause and comments after the concert it was enjoyed by One and all.

Loveny would like to thank Loveny ladies for laying on the food afterword’s and to Janet and the Institute.

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