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First concert of 2017.....St Budeaux

After our winter break, we had our first concert of the year at St Bonifice Church in St Budeaux on Saturday 11th March. During the winter break the Choir endeavoured to learn new pieces, two of which were sung at the concert, with only a second outing for 'Under the Boardwalk', which we first aired at Kenwyn during storm 'Angus' in November. The first of our new songs was 'Kentucky Babe', a well-known Negro lullaby notably sung by Dean Martin and the second song having its debut was 'Sweet Caroline' made famous by Neil Diamond, which was arranged for four-part harmony by a good friend of the choir, Mike Jones. The concert was brilliantly compered by our own John Ead, who as he so often does, had the audience in stitches at times.

The Soloist was fabulous soprano, and friend of the choir for many years, Rosemary Turner. In her first set she sang 'I love to sing' by Mage Chamberlain, 'My Mother did so before me' a folk song from Songs of the West and 'Somewhere' from West Side Story. In Rosemary’s second set she sang 'Upon a Sunday morning' a folk song from the same publication Songs of the West, the well-known folk song 'Dance to your shadow', and for a finale sang the very funny song, 'Tale of an Oyster' by Cole Porter (a tale of a” social climbing” bivalve). Our very own Bass Chorister Roger James delivered a rendition of a poem by the Cornish poet Ben Batten in that unique style of his that we all love. Our MD Colin Arthur ensured that the choice of music for the Choir was a good mix of modern and traditional music throughout the concert. The choir received enthusiastic applause throughout as did the soloists, a really enjoyable concert to start the year.

On the way home in the long tradition of Cornish Male Voice Choirs the choir called into the Ferry House Inn on Wolseley Road for a pint and a sing, the choir were made most welcome and we would like to thank the Landlord and Landlady for their hospitality, by all accounts the locals enjoyed it to.

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