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Our Lyn

Yes, 'our' Lyn, for although we know from Frank's wonderful eulogy at her funeral service, Lyn had many strings to her bow, and that all of them had to do with caring for others, we in the Loveny family had come to feel that she was truly 'our' Lyn, and that she gave her 'all' for us. For, so far as we could see, Lyn's every waking moment must have been devoted to the Choir and, just as importantly, to the choristers. So what we heard about Lyn at her funeral service was for public consumption, while these few words are a private hymn of praise from the Choir to someone who was such a well loved member of Our Loveny Family.

When Frank was encouraged to join the Choir, naturally, as it is with Loveny, Lyn automatically became a member of the Loveny Ladies, and she dutifully turned up at their regular Meetings, and took an active part in their discussions. Lyn always seemed to have 'good ideas' for social and fund-raising events, so it was not surprising that before too long, she was coaxed into accepting the position of Chairman. From that moment, it seemed as if Lyn's whole life had just been in preparation for her life with Loveny – she threw herself with passion into all aspects of the Choir as if she were some sort of Fairy Godmother, and although she had no magic wand to wave to make things happen, somehow they just did happen. Fundraising became fun, and the Ladies could always be counted upon to come up with the cash for whatever was needed, no matter how much. Some of us often wondered where all the money came from, it really was like magic!

Lyn and Frank taught themselves new skills, and became very much 'computer literate,' and soon Lyn was Loveny's graphic and printing expert, and her work was at least as good as from any commercial printer. Lyn spent hours and hours producing programmes, tickets, posters, and especially the full colour Program for our Annual Gala Concert, which many felt could never have been bettered.

Lyn instigated regular Monthly Lunches for The Ladies, which are very popular, produced a Recipe Book which continues to bring in the Funds, and I won't even mention raffles! Wherever she was needed, she was always the first to arrive, and the last to leave, the one person who could always be counted upon. Even when she was ill, Lyn's first thoughts were always about the needs of the Choir.

But above and beyond all these physical tasks that Lyn undertook, and one which only those who experienced it knew about, was her extraordinary caring nature. Anyone who was ill, or in any sort of emotional need, very soon had Lyn enveloping them in her arms, giving, without limit, support in every way, emotionally and physically – there were no bounds to what she and Frank would be happy to offer.

Lyn, we will all miss you in so many ways – we were all so lucky to have known and loved you.

I will finish this with some words of John Wesley, the Founder of Methodism, who was never shy about giving succinct advice and guidance as to how a person should live their life. The way that Lyn chose to live her life, precisely echoes his words...

“Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.”

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