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Together in Song, St Neot CIMCF Concert.

The day we had long been waiting for had arrived when, on Friday 28th April, St Neot Parish Church was packed to capacity to enjoy a regional concert for the Cornwall International Male Choral Festival, hosted by Loveny. The choirs taking part were 'Epsom Male Voice Choir', 'Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir' (widely known as 'Fron', possibly because of the difficulty in both spelling and pronouncing their name), 'Vocal Six' from Sweden, and of course Loveny.

All gave impressive performances with lots of variety, from the big sound of the fifty-strong Welsh choir with mostly traditional choral pieces, to the very amusing pieces alongside traditional Swedish choral music sung acapella by Vocal Six. The concert was very ably compered by Adrian Wilton.

Loveny started proceedings with a selection of considerably contrasting songs followed by Epsom with their very animated MD Ian Assersohn, who took the concert to the interval with an equally varied repertoire.

In the second half Froncysyllte demonstrated why they have such a great reputation. Froncysyllte (to assist it is pronounced 'vron-cuss-ulth tay') is a small village at the eastern entrance to the Vale of Llangollen in North Wales, but numbers 72 Choristers in its membership. At the competition in Truro on Saturday, they were judged the best choir of 41 voices and over, and were awarded the trophy for best UK choir of 41 voices and over. Congratulations to Fron and their ebullient Musical Director Leigh Mason.

The final performance came from Vocal Six one of Swedens finest acapella groups, with some excellent harmonies, amusing deliveries and beautiful traditional Swedish songs. Judging by the enthusiastic applause throughout the concert, the quality of all the performances was greatly appreciated and a great evening was had by one and all.

As hosts, we had chosen to provide a post concert pasty supper for all the choirs and their 'entourages', amounting to around 150 people, a thanks to all the Ladies for serving them, and providing Tea, Coffee and Biscuits to a very crowded room!

Sustained and lubricated, the congregated choirs joined together in friendly competition to enjoy an 'epic' afterglow....

A great ending to a superb evening!

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