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Presidents Silver Plate

Terry Hodge, Chairman of the Cornish Federation of Male Voice Choirs , presents the President's Silver Plate Award to David Williams of Loveny MVC.

At the Federation Annual General Meeting held on 9th May, Loveny Male Voice Choir was announced as the winner of this year's President Plate Award. The Chairman, Terry Hodge, congratulated the choir on their excellent work within the community.

Loveny MVC always strive to be part of the local community in particular, and here are a few examples of some of the activities that we have been involved in during the past year.

Each year we have a concert in St Neot with all proceeds going to the local community as a thank you for their support.

We go along to the local school and sing for and with the children in preparation for the annual carol concert. Singing with the children in the carol concert, which is a wonderful and uplifting experience. We sang at Mount Edgecombe Hospice for the switching on of the Christmas lights. We went to Camel Creek Adventure Park and sang carols for the families staying there After the children’s parade through the street at Bodmin for St Piran’s Day we lead the singing of 'Trelawney' on the Mount Folly. We took part in the 'Cornwall wide' Trelawny Shout at The Weavers public house on 5th March with good friends, good beer and great comradeship.

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