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Thanks for responding to our call (HELP !)

Thanks to everyone who responded to this call for assistance, as a result we have Accompanists for all our short term events and practices. We are however still interested in hearing from anyone who can help long term, it would be beneficial to Accompanists and the Choir if we had a number of Musicians who could between them, meet all of our commitments.

HELP !!! (Due to illness) WE NEED SOMEBODY HELP !!! NOT JUST ANYBODY.......

We need an accompanist to play for us on our forthcoming tour of Gloucester from Friday 21st July to Monday 24th, all expenses paid! This prestigious tour will see us performing in Gloucester Cathedral, the Guild Hall and Bath Abbey and our group will include the choir, wives, partners and friends. If you think that you can help us, or maybe know of someone who could, please either message us here on Facebook or email

Thank you

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