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Bringing good cheer

At this time of year, we like to take our Christmas music out into the community, especially to those who would find it very difficult to get to one of our concerts. With this in mind, on Friday afternoon 8th December, a number of us gathered to sing in two Bodmin Care Homes for the elderly, firstly 'Belmont House', and secondly the 'White House Home' in Cross Lane.

With Colin Arthur leading and Mike Jones (who had kindly agreed to play for us) on the keyboard, we sang a variety of Christmas Carols from our forthcoming concert repertoire, along with other 'standard' carols that had been requested. Though a small group, we all enjoyed the afternoon and our efforts were clearly appreciated and enjoyed by the residents and staff. After some really good homemade minced pies, we said our goodbyes and headed for a local watering hole.....The Hole in the Wall public house, where we had agreed to finish off the afternoon with a few carols.

Many thanks to Mike Jones for donating his time to us, and Colin for keeping us in line. We passed the bucket around in the pub and were pleasantly surprised by the donations, thanks to the Landlord Steve for 'boosting the fund'. We are planning to visit two more residential homes in Liskeard next Friday 15th December!

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