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Spreading more good cheer

On Friday 15th December, we turned our attention towards Liskeard where, as we had done the the previous week, we took our carol singing to those who have great difficulty coming to see us in concert. Starting off in Eventide Rest Home, where our founders wife Pam Pascoe is resident, we sang a variety of traditional and Cornish carols, and met requests from a small but appreciative audience. After gratefully received tea and cakes, our small but well formed 'a cappella' group then moved on to Beech Lawn Residential Care Home a short distance away, where in addition to a gathering of residents and family, we were able to sing for the Mayor of Liskeard, Christina Whitty. Our final call for the day was at Coombe House Residential Home, which specialises in the care of people with dementia. The experience was clearly enjoyed by staff and residents, some of whom joined in, and we are very pleased to have bought a little Christmas joy to them all. Tea and mince pies sustained us for our journey home, thank you all the staff at Coombe House. Thanks also to our Deputy MD for keeping us under control....

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