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Electric stuff....Gala Night!

Having moved our Annual Gala to its new late spring destination, away from the dark cold and often stormy nights in October, we expected a warm, calm and light evening, for our joint concert with our lovely friends Mello'D in Roche Victory Hall on Saturday 26th May. Well it didn't quite.......well more on that later!

A new venue to Loveny, certainly in recent times, Roche Victory Hall proved to suit our needs well, being capacious and well equipped. with a huge car park and with good and level access throughout. What was that film.......Build it........and they shall come.......well they certainly did, it was a large and enthusiastic audience that filled the hall for a great evening of music. On a sultry warm evening that necessitated the 'troops' discarding jackets at half time (and not before time), we sang some firm favourites, and what is becoming one of our of signature songs, the wonderfully rousing Dan Forrest arrangement of 'And Can it Be', which was received with great applause.

Our guests for the evening, the wonderfully harmonious and expressive Mello'D from Griffithstown, Torfaen area in South Wales are more than just friends to Loveny......they are part of our family! Although Sarah, Dawn and Carla were unable to join us due to other commitments, Lane, Jo, Helena, Tina and Eve sparkled as always under the Direction of Lynn and wonderful accompaniment of Maggie. We were treated to some great songs, including 'Circle of Light', 'Billy Joel's 'The Longest Time', 'When Tomorrow Comes' sung in Welsh, and Snow Patrol's haunting 'Run'. We couldn't bear it to end, but all good things have to (apparently).......and as an encore we were treated to a lovely rendition of 'Lean on Me'. Thank you Ladies for travelling down to make it such a great evening for us all!

Our final set of three began with one of our favourites, the rousing spiritual 'Ride the Chariot', and in the absence of Colin, our regular soloist for this song, Marcus sang the part in concert for the first time....adding his own unique touches...well done Marcus.

And now, back to the weather........

Our closing songs, 'African Prayer' and 'Alexanders Ragtime Band' were accompanied by a most dramatic light show as lightening lit up the room before plunging it into darkness as the lights failed, and the heavens attempted to drown us out with heavy rain and claps of thunder. Even power interruptions couldn't stop the show, and it certainly made for an entertaining finale. I heard on the news the following morning, that there had been over 50,000 lightening strikes overnight....I wonder who counted them!!!!

A big thank you from all of the Choir, to our great musical team, MD Marcus and our Accompanist Suzanne, and our MC John who confounded us all with his interpretation of the running order!

The Annual Gala is the Choir's main fundraising event to ensure that it can meet its own commitments, and enable it to offer numerous free concerts during the year to help charitable organisations of all types to raise funds for their own worthy causes. We would therefore like to thank all of our sponsors who have booked advertising in our programme, to John and Lorena Ead at the Beacon Hotel, and Graham Bunney and the proprietors of Lanwarnick for contributing valuable prizes to the draw, and all those in the wonderful audience who supported the event in such numbers.

There are also many people behind the scenes to thank, seeking out advertisers and collecting funds, putting together the programme, organising the hall and preparing it for the night. Delivering and putting up the staging...and taking it down. Stewarding the door, making tea, baking many have worked so hard to make sure that the event has been such a success, I steer away from naming you all for fear of leaving out someone. You know who you are....and we are are all hugely grateful to you!

Our next concert is at Liskeard Methodist Church on June 23rd, where we will be sharing the evening with 'Levowan xii'. As Marcus sings with Levowan, it will be a busy night for him...and we will look forward to meeting up with Levowan for the first time.


Video links

'Ride the Chariot'

'Lean on Me'

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