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Back to Breanek, St Agnes as we know it

Saturday 8th September saw a return to one of our favourite venues, St Agnes. Interesting fact here, in its heyday around 1840, as one of the finest areas for mining high grade tin ore in the world, the parish of Breanek (Cornish for St Agnes) reached a peak population of 7,757. By 1901 this had reduced to 4,292, after all those 'Cousin Jacks' found their way around the world to seek work, as one by one, the mines gradually closed. Our arrival in the Parish Church sadly could not hope to redress this reduction albeit temporarily, but we were very pleased to be received by a large, warm and welcoming audience.

The varied programme included our very first 'concert' performance of 'How Great Thou Art' using the stunning (and it has to be said not the simplest) arrangement by the brilliant American composer Dan Forrest. This was our last song and was dedicated to a dear departed and lovely man, Jerry Richards, who we will miss deeply. We hope he will have given it a big thumbs up, because it is great to sing ...... and we hope, great to listen to!

Advertised as 'Secret Soloist', our very own MD Marcus sang three songs for us, 'The Holy City', 'Litanie' by Schubert, and 'Close Every Door' by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Judging by the applause...not just good at waving his arms then! Our jolly 'Bard' Roger also treated us to two of his recitations from the pen of Cornish Poet David Prowse, delivered with great humour as always.

A really superb afterglow just across the road in the 'St Agnes Hotel' rounded off a lovely evening, no-one could describe this better than our own 'Barmytone' who messaged me a couple of days later, so I will leave it to him....

"Lovely bright September day, and feeling good, and needing to express it. What a c-r-a-ck-i-n-g evening in St Agnes! Whilst sparing thought for all those who, for whatever reason or cruel twist of fate, were not with us yesterday, I also find myself thinking, yet again, how lucky I am/we are to have the privilege and pleasure - nay, unbridled, rapturous joy!!! - of sharing such powerfully uplifting times with such a magnificent group of people. Who could possibly want for more? Well, apart from more of the same, please; lots more. In the past, if asked whether or not I did drugs, I’d be adamant in saying no, never, but now?? ………... I’m afraid I’d have to say yes………..…Loveny! Hooked on it; way up there in that gorgeous blue sky with Lucy and her diamonds! Have a good day, Steve"

And there you have it, to all potential new members out there...that is what it is all about!

Many thanks to members of the St Agnes Church Community who looked after us so well, to Marcus, Suzanne, Roger, who were brilliant as always, and our MC John who being on 'home turf' had an extra bit of whoomph in his patter! Finally, many thanks again to Roger and Owain for carting and managing all the equipment that by necessity has to be brought along and then taken away.

Our next concert will be in the Sterts Theatre and Arts Centre at Upton Cross near Liskeard (PL14 5AZ) on Saturday 22nd September. This is a joint concert with Launceston and Tintagel MVC's, with all three choirs singing the whole programme, and raising funds for the 'Molecular Scanner Appeal'. Despite the poster, this will start at 7.30pm.

The following day, Sunday 23rd September, we will be holding our own concert in the impressive St Brevita's Church in Lanlivery, starting at 7.30 pm.

Our soloist for the evening will be the lovely Samantha Rowe, who will delight us with her instrumental expertise on the flute, and we hope with a song or two of her own.

There might even be the odd surprise or two in store!

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