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Casual at the Clays

I wasn't going to write a piece about this event, but relented as it shouldn't go unmentioned, if only to show those potential new guys out there that we are about much more than concerts in churches. We were made very welcome at Roche Victory Hall for their annual Clays Beer Festival, where we sang for an hour without accompaniment, in a manner we often refer to as our 'Afterglow'. In short, we had a lot of fun!

Though it felt just a little surreal, bathed in red light and on the stage with microphones, we had a great time led by our Deputy MD Colin Arthur, and the gathered 'real ale appreciators' were generous in their attention and applause. The whole event extending until midnight was entertained by a variety of musician's, dancers, and singing groups, much of which was recorded by the 'Cornwall Channel' and downloaded to FaceBook. Click on the picture below and (crossed fingers) you will be diverted to a video taken of Loveny on stage.

Apologies for inaccuracies in the Narrator's announcement...clearly we were not fresh from Carnegie Hall in New York...well to qualify that, actually two of our number were. Roger James and Frank Evans. They had returned home recently after performing Patrick Hawe's the 'Great War Symphony' with our MD Marcus Alleyne and members of the his South West Philharmonia and Chorus. Sadly Marcus could not join us as he had stayed on in NY, and as heavy snow had grounded the flight, he returned two days late via. Washington.

As the spectrum of lighting swung to green, 'ever ready' Pat Broderick (above) took us through some very popular 'Shanty's' before our time was up, and we joined the audience to enjoy some of the various brews on offer, and watch the continuing entertainment.

Many thanks to the people and Committee of the Roche Victory Hall and Social Club, we had a great time and hope to return in the future!

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