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Distinction at Wadebridge Festival

On Friday 1st March, we came out of hiding to compete in the 'Wadebridge Festival of Music and Speech'. We were in great company, Wadebridge MVC and Tintagel Orpheus MVC, who's performances we had the great pleasure of listening to after we had delivered our two song repertoire of 'Danny Boy' and 'Alexander's Ragtime Band'.

A very tight competition it was too, and we listened intently to the Adjudicators summing up, during which he remarked upon all of the key points Marcus has been tirelessly drumming into to us for months, from discipline and posture, to musicality, tonality and blending. Well dear readers I'll keep you waiting no longer, Loveny came out on top with 89 points and a Distinction. Amidst a great deal of delight, our MD Marcus Alleyne accepted the 'Male Voice Choir Cup'.

Apart from being our first public performance of the year, there were other significant firsts. Since December, we have been looking for a new Accompanist, after our dear Suzanne was no longer able to continue. It has been a difficult few months, and we have been incredibly lucky and grateful to have had Ann Fleet stand in whilst our Chairman Dave Williams continued with the difficult task of finding a permanent Accompanist. In recent weeks he has found two wonderful Ladies, Di Beckett and Mel Farley, and after very little experience with us (but plenty elsewhere), Mel played flawlessly for us on the night! Alongside her, young friend of Loveny 'Samantha Rowe', played her flute to 'Danny Boy', a beautiful touch to a lovely song, for the first time with us, and without prior rehearsal.

Clearly celebrations were in order, so the 'Slades House' was our next port of call! Here is a selection of snaps from the Afterglow.

Got to be worth a caption contest!

Got to be worth a caption contest!

All in all a successful and enjoyable evening all round. We have an international competition to look forward to in May, and what we have all learned on this occasion will prepare us for the bigger task ahead. It has been hard work for all of us, and we see signs that this is paying off.

Many thanks to Marcus, for his guidance, perseverance and his patience (severely tried at times), to Mel and Samantha for a great job done, to our ladies who support us so well, to the Adjudicator Roy Robinson, and the organisers of Wadebridge Festival of Music and Speech.

A final thanks to the Slades House for the pasty supper, we hope we left you with enough 'Tribute' for the following day!

We won't have to wait too long for our first concert of the year, Saturday March 9th, we are guests of Champagne Cornwall Chorus at St Mary's Chapel in Par.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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