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Celebrating with Champagne

On Saturday 9th March, for our very first concert of 2019, we were invited to St Mary's Chapel in Par, for three of our members, returning after a 17 year absence!

On this occasion we were guests of Champagne Cornwall Chorus, a lovely group of Ladies with whom we have been trying for some time to create an event together. A very pleasant evening of music was enjoyed by the appreciative audience who filled the ground floor to near capacity. Champagne's beautifully delivered classic and modern a cappella barbershop, featuring familiar songs from Take That and Miley Cyrus and many others, contrasting wonderfully with our eclectic mix of songs from 'Danny Boy' to 'And Can it Be?' and closing with one of our most popular songs, and we hope the audience too, 'American Trilogy'. The appearance of our MD's wife Jo to play the flute solo in 'Danny Boy', was a lovely surprise, putting the icing on the cake as it were, on what is becoming one of our firm favourites. Roger too had something for us, treating us to one of his whimsical recitations from Cornish Poet, David Prowse, entitled 'Plenty of Bottle'.

Many thanks to our Hosts for a very warm welcome, and for the half time tea and biscuits. Many thanks too to our brilliant MD Marcus, to Jo, Roger, MC John, and our Accompanists Mel and Di; not only was it our first concert of the year, but their first concert with us, with very little prior practice. Thanks also to Glynn for ferrying our kit to the event, and returning it to St Neot.

A short distance away, the Par Inn beckoned and afterglow commenced with many of the Champagne Ladies singing their own favourites and joining in with ours. It turned out to be a cracking session, the embers reigniting the fire well beyond that 'Old-time Religion'! We look forward to getting together again in the future, hopefully not 17 years hence. Thanks to Host Matt Bailey for laying on some welcome supper.

Click on the picture to hear 'Cornwall My Home'

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