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Our cup runneth over

Our cup runneth over!

What a day on Saturday 4th May in Truro Cathedral, we sang our socks off...the culmination of work over many months in preparation. We felt very good about our performance but were not placed in the top 6, and were feeling just a little dejected. Then later in the evening after completion of the afternoon session of choirs over 40 in number, the news that delighted us all......

Marcus had won the ‘Ellen Winser Trophy’ for ‘Best Conductor’ in the Cornwall International Festival’. How thrilled are we now? Words aren’t enough. We thought we had tough competition in our category, just imagine the competition overall. A truly arrrrrmazing accomplishment Marcus!

We had the opportunity to listen to other choirs, and experience the extremely high quality performers and performances. You can too, just click on the link to view the video of the morning events:

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