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Magic in St Agnes

When Mello'D replied "Yes we would love to come down to join you in St Agnes on August 10th" , we knew we were in for an epic evening, and boy, nobody went home disappointed!

Despite a dreadful weather forecast that was enough to stop the 'Boardmasters' in its tracks, and the music venue at Watergate which took three weeks to build, being dismantled without a note being played, our intrepid lasses from Torfaen set off for Cornwall to be with us.

We all sang our hearts out to a packed church with an enthusiastic and appreciative audience of visitors and locals. Beautiful harmonies as always from the girls, and a few new offerings from ourselves, creating a great evening of varied music that we enjoyed delivering and we believe was received with equal joy.

Our usual welcoming afterglow venue of St Agnes Hotel beckoned, and we had a superb time there too. It was so difficult to drag ourselves away......we would love to have sung all the requests but had to head home at some point.

A huge thank you to our favourite Welsh family, we love you all, and we're so pleased that you could make it. Thanks too to our marvellous team out front ..... Marcus, Mel and John, to St Agnes Church and Aggy Hotel, we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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