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Hardly rock...but an awesome evening without doubt.

We were kindly invited by the Bodmin Rotary Club to support their 'Bodmin Band Rocks' fundraising event in the magnificent St Petroc's Church in Bodmin on Saturday 23rd. Not being unkind, but neither Loveny nor the Bodmin Band can ever really be accused of being 'Rockers'.... but there were moments! Humming or oo'ing to 'Paint it Black', a Rolling Stones tune, was certainly a first for us, and you know, it sounded surprisingly good.

From Mary Poppins to Freddy Mercury, Strauss to Jacky Wilson, Nellie the elephant to Riverdance, Bodmin Band were absolutely brilliant, very entertaining and oh....loved the choreography guys and girls! Not sure about Mark Quicks elephant outfit....I hope no stuffed toy animals were hurt in the process of making it. As we don't have any 'rock' in our repertoire, we struggled to meet the brief, but delivered our best bunch of upbeat material, and thoroughly enjoyed doing it too!

The Rotary club members and friends had done a fantastic job selling tickets for the event. As every performer knows, we do what we do for the audience, and with a such a great crowd in front of us, we will always rise to the occasion. Thanks to them a great deal of money will have been raised for the Rotary Charities, and we had the satisfaction of seeing a large number of people going home well entertained. 

Many thanks to Peter Old and the Rotary Club, and the team at St Petroc's Church. Thanks too to John Maines and Bodmin Town Band, and our own wonderful musical team Marcus and Mel, not forgetting our ebullient MC John Ead. 

We met up with members of the band afterwards in the Band Club... just for a little bit of afterglow, and a fitting end to a great evening.

We are back in St Petroc's on Tuesday 17th December at 7.30 pm for the Christmas Tree Festival Concert. We will be bringing along some friends too, and it will be a lovely family friendly evening amongst the renowned display of beautiful Christmas trees decorated by various organisations in the community. Don't miss it, and bring along your best singing voice to join in with the Christmas ideal way to get you in the mood for the festive holiday.

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