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Our cup overfloweth

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

For the second year running, Loveny has won the Male Choir competition in the Wadebridge Festival of Music and Speech. For our performance of 'With a voice of singing' with 'And Can it Be?', the Adjudicator Bryan Husband, awarded us a Distinction with 89 points. His comments reinforced all that Marcus had been teaching us, the tonality, the use of dynamics, precision.....all the fine points that help us produce a better performance! So...we took the cup home again.....well, after putting it to good use in the Slades House Inn.

Many thanks to Marcus....great job as always, and Mel (who had to dash off to Cardiff after...and missed the chance to share the contents of the cup). Special mention of thanks too to John Smale who supported us before dashing back to Dobwalls to sing the second part of a Polperro Choir Charity concert.

Subsequent to publishing this item, we have been contacted by a Health Care Professional, pointing out that passing round and sharing the contents of the cup in the current state of risk from the Coronavirus, was extremely unwise. We are grateful for the contact pointing this out, and fully agree it was inadvisable. We all need to be extra careful with our hygiene at this time, this does not send out the right message, and we apologise for that! 

Our next outing is in St Cleer Church on Saturday 28th March.......a tribute in music to our old friend Ted Pascoe.

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