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Remembering Kathy Lang

The Covid pandemic has caused many problems in all of our lives, and for many has left us with the feeling that everything must be kept at arms length. Life events that would have, under normal circumstances, been marked or celebrated with a mass gathering, have slipped past silently due to rules and edicts designed to 'keep us all safe'. One such event is the very sad passing of one of Loveny's most ardent and enthusiastic supporters, Kathy Lang, who passed away on March 18th earlier this year after a returning illness. With more than a little guilt, I am conscious that I have not used our Blog to mark this sad occasion before now. I believe that Kathy had hoped the Choir would, when the situation allowed, sing in concert in her memory, and I am hopeful that will happen in the not too distant future.

Kathy absolutely loved to sing in our 'Afterglows', she sang Tenor and, were the standard terms of a 'Male' voice choir not applicable, would have joined us at practice at the drop of a hat! Being a writer of poetry and songs, Kathy had penned a song which is in our afterglow song book, 'The Lights of Cornwall'. A number of us have pledged to learn this song to ensure it is sung regularly, in her memory, in her beloved afterglow.

The Lights of Cornwall

The lightship rides at anchor

By Sevenstones, to show

The Sons of Kernow, sailing home

The rocks that lie below

Through raging storms and darkest night

The lights of Cornwall shine

To bring me safe to harbour

In this blessed land of mine

From Tater Du to Eddystone

They guard the Southern shore

From Longships to Trevose, withstand

The northern ocean's roar

Wolf Rock, the Lizard and St Anthony

Godrevy and Pendeen

They blaze, these rocky sentinals

Wherever danger's seen

Through life's great storms, the steady flame

Of Kernow burns for me

My home of grace and mystery

Enfolded by the sea.

Rest in peace Kathy.......

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