• vjhampstead

Sign of the times, couldn't have done this in 1971

Despite everything being on hold, the business of running a choir still goes on. Whether it be financial responsibilities, future plans and decisions, the welfare of our Members and families, our Committee meets every month and the need to do so is every bit as important right now.

Almost 50 years of Committee meetings are behind us, but last Tuesday's meeting was extraordinary....a milestone....a sign of the times!

For the first time in our history we conducted a meeting by video conference, and though not all Members managed to join, it was a great success. Whatever happens in the coming months, we now know that we can keep on top of things with the various communication tools available.

We are of the opinion that it will be some time before it will be possible to hold rehearsals and meetings. Not to be deterred, Marcus will be trying out some interactive options with us shortly, and with home learning, we hope to keep moving forward.

We'll look forward to the good times ahead, I'm pretty sure we'll enjoy them even more when they do come along...…. 

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