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Sing Along the River 2021

On Sunday 22nd August we were delighted to be invited to sing at the annual 'Sing Along the River' organised by Emma Mansfield. It was a balmy summers evening, and we enjoyed the lovely carnival we always do. As we rounded off the evening in afterglow at the Earl of Chatham, none of us was aware of the bombshell that would descend upon us the following day. On Monday one of our number had tested positive for Covid, something we had been keeping at arms length (and more) for over 18 months had finally caught up with us. In the following days virtually everyone at the previous practice, and later some in concert, had tested positive. Thankfully with almost everyone double vaccinated, mild symptoms have produced discomfort more than illness, and we hope that will continue to be the case. Sadly, this has curtailed our activities yet again, we were really looking forward to singing at the close of the first stage of the Tour of Britain cycle race in Bodmin tomorrow, but of course cannot due to mass home isolation! We hope to resume again in October after the dust has settled and we have taken stock of the implications.

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